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A Capella provides a welcoming environment for parents to introduce their children to music. Students will develop new skills and unique ways to express themselves through the arts, as they cultivate their imaginations.


In-Home Lessons

We provide high quality and fun instrumental and vocal lessons for kids. We believe that finding the right teacher is they key to learn music enjoying the process. Every student deserves personalized and fun lessons, regardless of age or skill level.

We offer weekly private lessons in students' homes in the NYC metro area. Lessons are arranged at times that work around your schedule. The duration vary from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the student's age and level, as well as the teacher's recommendation.


Studio lessons

We have private and group lessons in various studios in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Currently you can sign up for our musical theatre group in Brooklyn and Queens or schedule a private lesson in a studio with one of our amazing teachers.

Please contact us for more details.


Lessons are available in the following instruments:
Piano, Voice, Guitar, Violin, Drums.

Private lessons in other instruments may be arranged upon request.


Musical Theatre

Put on a musical production in a professional NYC theater!

A Capella Musical Theatre Program is designed to introduce children into the world of musicals and performance through a 16-week intensive course that culminates in a produced performance of a musical production.
This program is open to all children ages 6 - 13, who have the desire to share the stage with fellow child performers. Classes are taught by teachers with world-class backgrounds in musical theatre, music and dance. Each child will have a role in the final production and/or performances.
Our program is defined by the philosophy that every child can find their creative voice on stage, combined with intensive training in the fundamentals of vocal performance and building a dramatic vocabulary that ties with their emotions and lived experience.


Looking for music lessons for adults?
Look no further, check out our A Capella Adults section

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